Pretty Good!

16 May

Someone asked me yesterday how married life is going.  It was the first I’d been asked in several months, I think, and I said “It’s pretty good!”

People ask you constantly how married life is going right after you get married.  I firmly believe that people ask polite, small-talkey questions to make small talk.  This is not to be confused with wanting to know the real answer.  Example:  “How are you?”  Unless it’s your mom asking, there’s only one answer to this.  “Good!  And you?”  But when people asked me how married life was going, I kept blurting out “It’s interesting…”  I thought that was a good happy medium between “Good!  And you?” and “My LAST roommate picked up her clothes and didn’t fart!”

My most recent evidence that we’ve merged smoothly from “interesting” to “pretty good!” was when he replaced the garbage disposal last week.  Handymanness is not on his resume, but it sure is cheaper, so he’s giving it a shot.  He crawled under the sink while I chopped vegetables.  He read the directions, ran back to Home Depot for a missing part, and I kept chopping.  Silently.  I made no comparative comments about how my dad can fix anything.  I did not ask him fourteen times if he read the directions.  I know you read them, but did you read them all the way through?

Maybe this is reason as much as evidence?

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