Back to School

11 Jul

I signed up for a local early childhood and family ed program today.  I’ve had one experience, so far, with meeting some “other mommies.”  There was crafting.  It made me want to stick a pair of pliers into my left eye.  And then the right one.
Their outfits were not this cute.

So I have been ignoring the rave reviews of this program which have come from my totally normal friends who happen to have kids.  When one of them said it is “like a college level course” on all the weird things you run into when you have a kid, I bit.  Because my general tendency to “obsess” and “research” has taken me away from finding a good home (my home) for some perfect pair of shoes to the nutritional profile of chicken liver.
Salad is also good for you.

So, once a week for a few months I’ll be taking my spare mental energy to the community center to sit and “discuss” my “parenting issues” with other “people.”  For two hours.

But I will remain positive!  If this is the worst two hours of my week, every week, it is still a chance to stop by Starbucks for my trusty companion, an iced, no-vanilla, caramel macchiato.   I don’t even need luck.
So pretty!  [Photo credit:]

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3 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. Marsha 11 July 2013 at 9:06 am #

    I loved ECFE. I really did learn a great deal. I happened to be in a group, when Zak was 18 months, that was mostly older moms, 35-40, and we got along really well. I still see 5 members of this group monthly, and our kids are now in college. I don’t make friends easily, and am a crappy friend as well, obsessed with my own pursuits for the most part, and rarely available to do the stuff that friends are supposed to do, but this group has become super important to me, and making time for a monthly lunch or breakfast is easy. Hang in there, because the informaton and support is really beneficial. You will be glad you did!

  2. Mary Foote 11 July 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    If it doesn’t work out you can enjoy the quiet time. Your baby will be playing with all the other kids and you can tune the other parents out and drink coffee in peace. No one pulling at your arms to get up, or asking for help, or needing some urgent phylisophical question answered. Just you and your coffee.

    • themaladroitwife 11 July 2013 at 11:37 pm #

      do they come and get me if she poops her pants? that’s really the biggest thing… that they leave me and my coffee in poopless peace.

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