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I Am Changed

4 Feb


I had a little business lunch with a friend the other day to flesh out an upcoming event and I ordered a sandwich with the upgrade to fries rather than the included option of potato salad. Why? Because FRIES. We all know that McDonald’s has the best fries, but I only go there when I’m […]

Living the Dream I Never Dreamed

27 Jan


My career has taken me all over the country. To Manhattan, to the Vegas strip, to the beachfront in Miami, just to name a few. Because of these opportunities, I was able to complete the obstacle course set forth by the TSA like it was an Olympic time trial. Those days are OVER. The small […]

Please Don’t Poop Here

14 Nov


I have been ignoring A Thing for a while, and when someone ELSE brought it up the other day, the bear was poked.  And you can’t unpoke the bear.  And apparently I rant now.  Sorry for that… But here’s the thing: if you’re reading this blog, odds are your life is pretty good.  You at […]

Pride Cameth

23 Oct


And I fell. [narscosmetics.com] I know things, okay?  And I will tell you about them.  Sometimes I won’t even wait for you to ask.  Like the time I told you how to fly with your babies.  All of this was based entirely on one of two things happening: either you have someone with you or […]


22 Aug


I flew solo last weekend, so obviously there was much feet-up and bon-bonning… Yeah, not at all.  I kept myself as busy as humanly possible, and even did some NEAT STUFF in there. Among the more-ordinary-but-still-fun things were meals with friends, walks to the park, and iced lattes.  Cold and caffeinated?  I’ll take 6. Saturday […]

On Eating

8 Aug


“Food”  [nationofchange.org] I heard some thing on NPR today about processed food.  I have no idea what they were talking about, as is usually the case when I turn on NPR, because I’m never in the car for that long.  I’m not sure who IS ever in the car for that long.  They don’t exactly […]

How It’s Done (If You’re Me)

12 Jul

TSA man

This is not the kind of thing I’d normally write about, but several people have asked me how things, like, go when you fly alone with an infant.  I’m approaching level 398 in the Candy Crush Saga of infant travel, so I’m pretty good (I have no idea, I just googled how many levels there are […]

Back to School

11 Jul


I signed up for a local early childhood and family ed program today.  I’ve had one experience, so far, with meeting some “other mommies.”  There was crafting.  It made me want to stick a pair of pliers into my left eye.  And then the right one. Their outfits were not this cute. So I have […]

Happy National Running Day!

6 Jun


Well, it was yesterday.  But still!  How did you celebrate? Did you run around a lake? Cut your hair. Did you eat clean all day? Spicy quinoa salad?  Yes please! Did you do some yoga, for balance? Ooooommmmmmm…..ggggggg ouch. I celebrated National Running Day by eating donuts.  2 of them.  And Oreos. Run, donuts.  I’m […]

My Strange Addiction

4 Apr


I eat highlighters. Okay, I don’t eat highlighters.  And I can’t even watch that show, it gives me the willies. But my snappy new running outfit for vacation next week?  Looks like I ate 3 boxes of highlighters and puked them all over myself. Hot. The argument to my husband was that I needed some clothes […]

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