My Strange Addiction

4 Apr

I eat highlighters.

Okay, I don’t eat highlighters.  And I can’t even watch that show, it gives me the willies.

But my snappy new running outfit for vacation next week?  Looks like I ate 3 boxes of highlighters and puked them all over myself.


The argument to my husband was that I needed some clothes I could run in, sweat in, wash in the sink, and have dry by the next morning.  Since I only started running last fall, all of my running clothes are for cold weather.  So OBVIOUSLY this vacation (Florida, Caribbean, blah blah, my life is hard) requires SHOPPING.  Obviously.

My best friend’s theory?  Bright colors.  I concur!!!  This makes it more fun to get dressed.  So…

You’ve seen my shoes.

So I added a bright headband…
This is not me, I am much sweatier.

…and a ridiculous skort…
neon butt

And a grey tank, you know, so that I don’t overdo it on the bright colors.

I’m going to look ridiculous, but given the number of comments I get on my shoes, I figure I am going to SERIOUSLY make some people’s days out there.

We have a deal in this house that if I want to get the cute running swag, I can’t stop running.  It’s a valid concern on his end, as I tend to get excited about things and then flake.  Not always, but often enough that I get his hesitation to give all his money to lululemon and Athleta.

But you know what?  Colors!  Accessories!  NEON PLAID!!!  I totally come out ahead in this arrangement.

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One Response to “My Strange Addiction”

  1. Madolynn Duckwall 5 April 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    I too feel the need for new running clothes. I also want them to be super bright. I NEED new shoes. Mine are black and getting up there on the mileage. I should have gotten a new running outfit for our trip. Maybe I would have run more! Black is boring!!

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