22 Aug

I flew solo last weekend, so obviously there was much feet-up and bon-bonning…


Yeah, not at all.  I kept myself as busy as humanly possible, and even did some NEAT STUFF in there.

Among the more-ordinary-but-still-fun things were meals with friends, walks to the park, and iced lattes.  Cold and caffeinated?  I’ll take 6.

Saturday was the real kicker, though.  I got up – “willingly” – just after 6.  In the morning.  I picked up my friends, drove across town, and ran 6 miles with them.  (Lots of sixes in today’s post…)  SIX MILES, you guys.  That’s farther than I drive for most of my errands.  But, there’s a 10K coming up this month, and still MORE fun after that.  I’m still not one of those people who likes running.
I hate it.  While I’m doing it, I hate the flowers and the trees and the puppies and you.  But when I am done?  I AM CHAMPIOOOOONNNNN.  And so I do it again.

I rushed home from that and barely slid my butt onto the couch in time for the 2013 FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT.


I picked my people via the that’s-a-neat-name-where’d-his-mama-get-it system, and also by googling things like “which wide receiver should I pick next?”

Beware the Eastside Honeybadgers.  They’re coming to your town to eat your football team.

After that, I went with some ladies to a place where you order a snack and a glass of wine and sit down for a PAINTING CLASS.  We don’t doubt we were the highlight of our instructor’s day.  She called us the “rowdy bunch” and something about “banshees.”  The other group was a bachelorette party.  But they were REALLY quiet…

I think I have a future in this…

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One Response to “In Which I DID THINGS”

  1. Greta Dershimer 22 August 2013 at 9:55 am #

    Up at 6 a.m.??? Ran 6 miles??? I’m impressed!!!

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