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Please Don’t Poop Here

14 Nov


I have been ignoring A Thing for a while, and when someone ELSE brought it up the other day, the bear was poked.  And you can’t unpoke the bear.  And apparently I rant now.  Sorry for that… But here’s the thing: if you’re reading this blog, odds are your life is pretty good.  You at […]


22 Aug


I flew solo last weekend, so obviously there was much feet-up and bon-bonning… Yeah, not at all.  I kept myself as busy as humanly possible, and even did some NEAT STUFF in there. Among the more-ordinary-but-still-fun things were meals with friends, walks to the park, and iced lattes.  Cold and caffeinated?  I’ll take 6. Saturday […]

Very Recent History: Obsessive Obsessive Disorder

18 Dec


I feel like I’ve been in pursuit of various things lately, with maybe a little more anticipation than these things warrant.  But you can’t know if something is great until you try it, and anticipation is so fun!  So I obsess.  Sometimes my obsessions lead me to greatness, sometimes they lead me to yellow water. […]

It Takes A Village

23 Oct


I vacuumed.  The spaghetti squash is out of the oven.  The house has a cozy, fall thing going, and the game is on.  Time to write!  My thoughts keep wandering within the subject of purpose/intention/self/others (yes, that is A subject), so this might be a little scattered. I remember seeing “Think global, act local” on […]

Stop This World

22 Sep


“Stop This World” is a great little number by one Diana Krall.  Did you know she’s married to Elvis Costello?  So much good music.  I probably heard this song for the first time 7 or 8 years ago, and I think about it a lot.  I don’t really know what any of the words are […]

Plan Schman

8 Sep


I think I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a planner.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I think it stems from my inability to make a decision. These are at once strengths and weaknesses.  Take this weekend… we have options! There’s a BBQ shindig at an old college friend’s place.  We’d know a […]

First Dates and Consequences

4 Sep


First, let me say that renewing your tabs is hard.  I admire all of you who get it done.  Sometimes I get my tabs renewed, but then putting them on the car is hard.  This was not my first tab-related run-in with the law.  I believe it was my fourth. When the nice man pulled […]


22 Aug

I have a strange “weekend” setup.  Usually it starts around 5 on Saturday, and ends with work on Tuesday morning.  The Saturday night bit feels like a weekend, but the rest of it feels like a weekbeginning, filled with preparations for my upcoming workweek.  Sometimes that means cooking, sometimes it means cleaning, and it always […]

The Opposite of Shopping

18 Aug

We’re having a garage sale.  No, not a two-for-one on garages, but a smorgasbord of discards.  There will be treasures ranging from absolute junk to stuff I just don’t need or use anymore.  Or ever.  It gets better… it’s not just my junk, but the junk of 3 other households as well!  The next few […]

The Gang’s All Here

8 Aug

Another success!  We had a great mix of folks over to our house yesterday for some amazing food and all around good times.  At times like these, it really pays to be friends with so many foodies/pastry chefs. Aside from the opportunity to do something nice for people we love, the best reason to have […]

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