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The Maladroit Wife | Tag Archive | cleaning
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My Brown Ribbon Campaign

8 Nov


Have you ever looked up the list of awareness ribbon colors?  Holy moly.  There’s a BUTTER CREAM ribbon.  It is, I kid you not, for lactose intolerant individuals.   The brown ribbon stands for colorectal cancer awareness, or 8th place. I chose brown for my campaign because my favorite alcohols are brown.  I really like dark, […]

How the Other Half Lives

1 Aug


[Photo: photobucket khunPaulsak] I know a girl who has a cleaning lady. A CLEANING LADY. Think about that. Now, here’s the part where I say I don’t actually want a cleaning lady.  I mean, they only clean.  They don’t organize or straighten or sort or any of those other things.  I don’t sit on the couch, staring […]

A Week in the Life

25 Jun


I saw on the news today (the Today show is totally news, particularly when compared to my other information sources, TMZ and Facebook) that a new poll says 70% of people surveyed hate their job.  Good grief, really??  I have a theory that these people haven’t really thought about whether they hate their job, but […]

Mouse House

28 Mar


We have a mouse. IN OUR @!#^ING HOUSE. To be fair (to me and to my borderline housekeeping skillz), the mouse is a result of a basement renovation.  Not a result of tasty treats all over the kitchen floor. I was visiting my mom when the mouse was discovered, which led to all kinds of imagining […]

Stupid Lady

1 Mar


Have you guys heard of FlyLady?  I call her StupidLady.  It’s this cleaning/organizing… support group?  I don’t know what else you would call it.  Anyway, Step One to the FlyLady way of life is, I kid you  not, shine your sink.  “It all begins with a shiny sink!”  She probably greets her family in the […]

New Year’s Revolutions

31 Dec


I feel like they are more like “revolutions” because of their cyclical nature.  How many times can I resolve to lose 5 pounds or stop being late all the time or stop toying with the pedestrians before it’s not really a “resolution” anymore?  Whatever, it’s tradition.  Here we go with the mostly old, occasionally new, […]

Rinse & Repeat

22 Nov


I will never understand why cleaning something once isn’t enough.  If I clean it, it should stay clean.  End of discussion.  Anything else is a total waste of my time. Cut to Actual Conversation in my house: Me: Um, why did you do that in the closet? Him: What? Me: Why?  The towels! Him: What?? […]


30 Oct

dreams DO come true!

          Dreams DO come true!  For those of you who have been keeping up with me this month, I’ve been chipping away at this house since October 6th.  I put a little effort into it almost every day, and took two full days off of work to clean.  Something in my […]


6 Oct


I’ve got the day off today.  No special occasion, just needed to use the time before I lose it.  Oh, and my house is in desperate need of attention.  I’m going to clean the laundry room.  You think that’s redundant?  Laundry rooms are specifically FOR cleaning, so they should not themselves need to be cleaned?  […]

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