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The Maladroit Wife | Tag Archive | shopping
Tag Archives: shopping

My Strange Addiction

4 Apr


I eat highlighters. Okay, I don’t eat highlighters.  And I can’t even watch that show, it gives me the willies. But my snappy new running outfit for vacation next week?  Looks like I ate 3 boxes of highlighters and puked them all over myself. Hot. The argument to my husband was that I needed some clothes […]

Going Backwards

13 Mar


I got caught up in the whole Mad Men thing right along with everyone else.  I haven’t caught up with the last few seasons, but I’m totally going to one of these days.  It’s one of my inspirations for the way I do this whole stuck-at-home thing.  You know, the way things “used to be,” […]

Very Recent History: Obsessive Obsessive Disorder

18 Dec


I feel like I’ve been in pursuit of various things lately, with maybe a little more anticipation than these things warrant.  But you can’t know if something is great until you try it, and anticipation is so fun!  So I obsess.  Sometimes my obsessions lead me to greatness, sometimes they lead me to yellow water. […]

Want Not

8 Nov


Now that the election is over, I can go back to loving November. Things I love about this month: Gratitude posts on Facebook and Twitter The Food Red Cups at Starbucks.  Last year’s were better, but nevermind. Don’t you just FEEL cozier? Movember It’s creepy for a good cause. NaNoWriMo, even though it’s not my […]

Big Fat Jerks!

30 Sep


You know those guys that stand on the corner and want to talk to you about the environment when you’re racing back to work after grabbing a 32-ounce depth charge because you’ve got a meeting in 12 seconds and there’s no way you’re going to get through it easily?  Well, they are on my corner.  […]

More is Less

25 Sep

so vintagey

I love vintage stuff.  I love kitchen stuff.  I spent several hours this weekend at antique stores very specifically not buying loads of vintage Pyrex with SUCH happy daisies all over it.  I did not buy any Russel Wright platters.  Or butter dishes.  Or ashtrays – I don’t know what it is, I love them.  […]

Plan Schman

8 Sep


I think I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a planner.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I think it stems from my inability to make a decision. These are at once strengths and weaknesses.  Take this weekend… we have options! There’s a BBQ shindig at an old college friend’s place.  We’d know a […]


22 Aug

I have a strange “weekend” setup.  Usually it starts around 5 on Saturday, and ends with work on Tuesday morning.  The Saturday night bit feels like a weekend, but the rest of it feels like a weekbeginning, filled with preparations for my upcoming workweek.  Sometimes that means cooking, sometimes it means cleaning, and it always […]

The Opposite of Shopping

18 Aug

We’re having a garage sale.  No, not a two-for-one on garages, but a smorgasbord of discards.  There will be treasures ranging from absolute junk to stuff I just don’t need or use anymore.  Or ever.  It gets better… it’s not just my junk, but the junk of 3 other households as well!  The next few […]

I Have Needs

11 Aug

Am I really the only one who feels totally overcaffeinated when the IKEA catalog shows up in July?  How about Restoration Hardware?  Or even just little ol’ Crate & Barrel?  I find it hard to believe that I’m alone here.  When he asks why I bother dog-earing the pages, I tell him that I’m just […]

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