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How the Other Half Lives

1 Aug


[Photo: photobucket khunPaulsak] I know a girl who has a cleaning lady. A CLEANING LADY. Think about that. Now, here’s the part where I say I don’t actually want a cleaning lady.  I mean, they only clean.  They don’t organize or straighten or sort or any of those other things.  I don’t sit on the couch, staring […]

Oh Hi

24 May

all you can eat

So, I’ve been busy.  I mean, not THAT busy, but busy enough that I forget how to do dishes and not burn dinner and sit down and write things. But now I’m back.  To sum up: We went on a family vacation.  A cruise, in fact!  That was a big first for me, on all […]

Lenten Pants

13 Feb

mad baby teneightymedia

Some of you guys have kids, some of you don’t.  I have something in my house that is not a “kid,” per se, but is definitely not NOT a kid.  Still with me?  It’s a wild ride.  So far, I’ve learned a few things… 1.  When baby naps (as if that happens), you should NOT […]

Very Recent History: Love

3 Jan


Love comes in many forms.  Sacrifices, declarations, sonnets… beer…  Maybe it’s just because of the holidays, but there has been a lot of love around here lately. Beer is love.  I gave my husband beer for Christmas.  Turns out that’s a pretty good thing to give when you don’t have any other ideas.  Even better, […]

How This Blog Got Its Name

28 Nov


Maladroit is one of the best words ever invented.  It means unskillful, awkward, bungling, tactless.  I think the bungling is my favorite part.  It’s also the name of a Weezer album, but I’m not really into them. My mom and I are in the habit of video chatting via my love, the gmail.  We are […]

Very Recent History

30 Oct


I used to get all my best ideas in the shower.  Since I retired, though, I don’t seem to have any ideas, nevermind good ones.  Until today. Most of the blogs I follow do some kind of weekly summary.  I think I’ll start doing this, too (shower genius), since my life now seems to happen […]

What Do You Run From?

11 Oct


I’ve run from lots of things.  I have run from confrontation.  My husband is the first person I managed to have an argument with in which I did things like Use Words and Not Slam Doors.  So we got married.  Then I worked for a lady who I love like family, but she is the […]

The Lord’s Day

21 Jul


That was the only funny cartoon I could find on the topic of the Sabbath.  Valid question! For about 3 months, I’ve been waiting for my husband to leave.  I thought he was going to leave in June, but it got pushed to July.  It’s not that I don’t want him around, you all know […]

Learning From the Past

22 Jan


I’m cleaning, and it’s the kind of cleaning where I’m finding bookstore receipts from 2007 (I did not live in this house in 2007), jewelry I wore in college, and random wedding cards.  In one of these wedding cards, I found some helpful hints from the 50s.  Assuming that some of you are drawn to […]

Rinse & Repeat

22 Nov


I will never understand why cleaning something once isn’t enough.  If I clean it, it should stay clean.  End of discussion.  Anything else is a total waste of my time. Cut to Actual Conversation in my house: Me: Um, why did you do that in the closet? Him: What? Me: Why?  The towels! Him: What?? […]

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