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Open For Business?

22 Mar

I need a job. So, remember when “e commerce” was getting huge and everyone was out to make their dot com fortune? Well… I don’t like to rush a trend. Case in point: I just recently obtained (thanks to my quick-thinking mother in law) a pair of those mint green skinny pants that were so […]

Learning From the Past

22 Jan


I’m cleaning, and it’s the kind of cleaning where I’m finding bookstore receipts from 2007 (I did not live in this house in 2007), jewelry I wore in college, and random wedding cards.  In one of these wedding cards, I found some helpful hints from the 50s.  Assuming that some of you are drawn to […]

Keep Calm and Carry On

2 Dec


Thanksgiving was complete with the trip over the river and through the woods, but without any grandmothers.  Just one grandfather in a hat. The sprouts were fine.  Not brilliant, but fine.  That’s probably good, since I hate how much I intimidate others with all my brilliance.  Anyway, I didn’t actually burn them until I reheated […]

Calgon Take Me Away

18 Nov

no, no i didn't... yes, i did.

I’m going through a time of trial. It’s not that I have problems, just a job and a kitchen and a laundry basket.  But I can’t deal with those things now, so I escape to the interwebs for pictures of other ladies’ clean kitchens and folded laundry.  Some days it’s the only way his lungs […]

It’s All In Your Head

26 Oct

bad at it

      It started like this…  Me: “Your car is pulling to the left.”  Him: “Yeah, I noticed that, but you know how sometimes you think it’s in your head?”  Me: “No.  It’s either pulling or it isn’t.”  Him: “_____.” In our defense, this was at 5am on the way to the airport, so […]

Big Fat Jerks!

30 Sep


You know those guys that stand on the corner and want to talk to you about the environment when you’re racing back to work after grabbing a 32-ounce depth charge because you’ve got a meeting in 12 seconds and there’s no way you’re going to get through it easily?  Well, they are on my corner.  […]

Very Busy and Important

24 Aug

working wife

Me.  I am very busy and important.  Okay, maybe just busy…  This week goes down in history (I’m probably forgetting some weeks in history) as the Busiest Week Ever.  It’s kind of a funny story… Normally, I work Tuesday-Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post.  This week, however, we were going to be closed […]


6 Aug

My husband doesn’t understand these predicaments, either. The aforementioned Friend K had a really cool post that has had me thinking for a couple weeks.  She said that her house is “wabi-sabi,” which not the same as my favorite green goo for sushi. It’s not as tasty, and takes at least as long to get […]

Crazy Nines

20 Jul

I’m obsessed with the Enneagram.  I know that on some level, all of the personality typing systems are the same.  Do you like people or do you hate them?  [Depends on the day.]  Do your emotions overflow or do you bottle them?  [Bottle.]  Do you eat your feelings?  [Yes.  Definitely yes.]  But I can never […]


8 Jun

Seems that a busy work week can put a damper on my intentions to get to this… ironic, given the title of my last post!  Oh well, back on the wagon! We are both control freaks, but of different colors.  Me, I’m a freak about the details.  He is a freak about “the plan” and […]

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