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2 Dec

Thanksgiving was complete with the trip over the river and through the woods, but without any grandmothers.  Just one grandfather in a hat.

The sprouts were fine.  Not brilliant, but fine.  That’s probably good, since I hate how much I intimidate others with all my brilliance.  Anyway, I didn’t actually burn them until I reheated them, which seemed a little… me.  But it turns out that when you add a pound’s worth of bacon grease to anything, it will get eaten.  Even by a 14-year-old protester.

I also whipped up my two favorite cranberry sauces.  Unlike Miss Riot, I do NOT prefer the weird gooby stuff that holds a can shape on the plate.  I like my sauce spicy.  Or alcoholic.  Or…. both?  [Note: try this next year.]  One is an awesome preppy pink sauce with sour cream and horseradish.  It’s probably the part of the meal that most reminds me of being a kid.  Whenever we did Thanksgivings at a relative’s house, my mom would bring this cranberry relish.  I like it best on wheat bread with butter and cold leftover turkey.

The other one I saw randomly on Food Network when I was all grown up – in my twenties, officially on my own, and making full Thanksgiving feasts for two.  It’s simple and classic with plenty of orange zest and orange liqueur.  And no, you don’t cook out the alcohol.  Bonus.

All this family and tradition prompted me to try the recipe my dad has mentioned at least twice in the past month.  For those of you who don’t know my dad, that’s a LOT of talking for him.  One acorn squash.  Two strips of bacon (recurring theme?).  Enough butter.  Brown sugar.  Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds, smush some butter up in it, sprinkle with brown sugar, and lay the bacon strips over it.







Bake at 350 or so for 30-45 minutes.  Maybe you pour out a little of the Barbie swimming pool of butter/bacon grease, maybe you don’t.  Eat it with a spoon.  People, I just gave you 3 recipes in a single post.  I’m exhausted.

Back to Thanksgiving… First, we ate guacamole chips with guacamole.  Sound redundant?  It was.  Whatever, pass the baked cheezy poofs.  Then we had some traditional Norwegian herring in cream sauce.  Sound like a bad idea with guacamole and cheezy poofs?  Right again!  But it’s Thanksgiving!  Pass the crackers!

Stuffing.  Turkey.  Stuffing.  Salad?  Stuffing.  And both kinds of pie, please.

This all ended in a glorified Go Fish deathmatch between a father and his 14-year-old daughter.  There was $8 on the line.  It was intense… for her.  The rest of us drank another bottle of wine.

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