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The Maladroit Wife | Tag Archive | vegetables
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I Am Changed

4 Feb


I had a little business lunch with a friend the other day to flesh out an upcoming event and I ordered a sandwich with the upgrade to fries rather than the included option of potato salad. Why? Because FRIES. We all know that McDonald’s has the best fries, but I only go there when I’m […]

On Eating

8 Aug


“Food”  [nationofchange.org] I heard some thing on NPR today about processed food.  I have no idea what they were talking about, as is usually the case when I turn on NPR, because I’m never in the car for that long.  I’m not sure who IS ever in the car for that long.  They don’t exactly […]


1 Jun

so pretty

Only I have brown hair.  And nothing is ever quiiiiite right.  And sometimes that’s how I eat my porridge. That avocado pasta I made the other night?  NOT a fan of the shrimp!  I got some good quality “salad shrimp” from one of the high end stores here.  They weren’t the teeny tiny ones I […]


26 May

or DID she...

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this movie… it’s cute!  You should watch it. In a few days, I will be a landlady.  Or a slumlady, as I am certain that the minute we hand the keys to someone else, the place will completely fall apart and we’ll be stuck with rent, a mortgage, and $3.7 […]

Keep Calm and Carry On

2 Dec


Thanksgiving was complete with the trip over the river and through the woods, but without any grandmothers.  Just one grandfather in a hat. The sprouts were fine.  Not brilliant, but fine.  That’s probably good, since I hate how much I intimidate others with all my brilliance.  Anyway, I didn’t actually burn them until I reheated […]

Who DOES That?

23 Nov

so close

His mother said I could bring a vegetable to Thanksgiving.  This is kind of a big deal – she’s got a system and I don’t think most people try to force their culinary efforts on that system.  Well, we all know I’m not most people. I put some thought into this, polled the audience, etc.  […]

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