1 Jun

Only I have brown hair.  And nothing is ever quiiiiite right.  And sometimes that’s how I eat my porridge.

That avocado pasta I made the other night?  NOT a fan of the shrimp!  I got some good quality “salad shrimp” from one of the high end stores here.  They weren’t the teeny tiny ones I sometimes see, and all the bigger ones were tail-on, which I thought sounded like way too much work.  I mean, you know how hard it is to pull the tail off a shrimp… it’s super hard.  Some days.  Anyway, the end result was bland, yet fishy, and just sort of… gross.

Fortunately, I had the good sense not to mix them into ALL of the sauce, so I added the artificial crab to the leftovers and remedied the situation.  Also, adding spinach to the sauce was pretty genius.  It got me to eat spinach, and I really truly couldn’t tell it was in there.

But of course, I couldn’t add the entire huge thing of spinach into only 3 avocados worth of sauce, so I had a whole buncha spinach left.  So what did I do?  I REMEMBERED IT WAS THERE.

And voila!  Breakfast!  Tossed that spinach in a pan with some olive oil, added those fancy eggs from a real farm – the kind that are soooo orange on the inside, mixed in my favorite cheese from the great state of Oregon, and ate it all with some salsa and some kind of triple-health-lite-superhero-cape-wearing english muffin.  And coffee.  Nice way to start the day.

I realize it’s not any kind of contribution to world peace to remember that there’s spinach in your fridge (it was even in a DRAWER), but it’s one of my goals to buy groceries and then, like, use them.  I’ve thrown out a lot of produce in my years as “an adult” and it’s time to learn to do things differently.  Me: 1, New Apartment Fridge: 0.

Then I made some sangria.  And by sangria, I mean cinnamon fruit punch.
Here’s the before…

You pour boiling water over some cinnamon sticks and a couple of teabags, then add sugar, orange and pomegranate juices, and a bunch of citrus rinds and apple chunks.  Can we talk about fresh-squeezed orange juice?  It. is. impossible to juice an orange without also juicing half of your kitchen and your cell phone.  Anyway, refridge overnight, top with bubbly water, and enjoy!  It comes out a little strong on the cinnamon for me, I might make it without that next time.
Sho’ is pretty though!  Here she is, all done up:

Why yes, that IS a clock on the floor in the background.  I’ll get to it.  Or maybe I like it there…

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