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Very Recent History

30 Oct


I used to get all my best ideas in the shower.  Since I retired, though, I don’t seem to have any ideas, nevermind good ones.  Until today. Most of the blogs I follow do some kind of weekly summary.  I think I’ll start doing this, too (shower genius), since my life now seems to happen […]


16 Dec


I don’t know much about the zombie craze lately, but there have been a lot of them wandering around my city.  There’s an entire bar devoted to it!  I’m not really sure what my issue has been lately, but it seems they’ve gotten my brain.  Unable to form sentences.  I missed you, too! Let me […]

Calgon Take Me Away

18 Nov

no, no i didn't... yes, i did.

I’m going through a time of trial. It’s not that I have problems, just a job and a kitchen and a laundry basket.  But I can’t deal with those things now, so I escape to the interwebs for pictures of other ladies’ clean kitchens and folded laundry.  Some days it’s the only way his lungs […]


30 Oct

dreams DO come true!

          Dreams DO come true!  For those of you who have been keeping up with me this month, I’ve been chipping away at this house since October 6th.  I put a little effort into it almost every day, and took two full days off of work to clean.  Something in my […]

Stop This World

22 Sep


“Stop This World” is a great little number by one Diana Krall.  Did you know she’s married to Elvis Costello?  So much good music.  I probably heard this song for the first time 7 or 8 years ago, and I think about it a lot.  I don’t really know what any of the words are […]

Settling In

21 Sep

look out

I’m learning about computers.  Thanks for visiting me at my new spot!  I’ve got almost everything set the way I want it, so now I can get back to updating you all on my faaaascinating life. What’s new, you ask?  Well, a handful of attempts at home improvement.  Stripping some woodwork only to find out […]

Very Busy and Important

24 Aug

working wife

Me.  I am very busy and important.  Okay, maybe just busy…  This week goes down in history (I’m probably forgetting some weeks in history) as the Busiest Week Ever.  It’s kind of a funny story… Normally, I work Tuesday-Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post.  This week, however, we were going to be closed […]

The Opposite of Shopping

18 Aug

We’re having a garage sale.  No, not a two-for-one on garages, but a smorgasbord of discards.  There will be treasures ranging from absolute junk to stuff I just don’t need or use anymore.  Or ever.  It gets better… it’s not just my junk, but the junk of 3 other households as well!  The next few […]


6 Aug

My husband doesn’t understand these predicaments, either. The aforementioned Friend K had a really cool post that has had me thinking for a couple weeks.  She said that her house is “wabi-sabi,” which not the same as my favorite green goo for sushi. It’s not as tasty, and takes at least as long to get […]


28 May

Committed can mean all kinds of things.  Since the underlying current of this blog is my marriage, you might think I’m referring to marital commitment.  I’m not.  I’m referring to the kind of commitment that happens in a psych ward.  Or on a weekly calendar.  Or the relationship between the two. I think I work […]

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