Happy National Running Day!

6 Jun

Well, it was yesterday.  But still!  How did you celebrate?

Did you run around a lake?
Cut your hair.

Did you eat clean all day?
Spicy Quinoa Salad 4
Spicy quinoa salad?  Yes please!

Did you do some yoga, for balance?
Ooooommmmmmm…..ggggggg ouch.

I celebrated National Running Day by eating donuts.  2 of them.  And Oreos.
Run, donuts.  I’m comin’ fer ya.  If you want your other pink slipper back, you’ll hold still!

The donuts are gone now.  We ate them all (5 + a croissant).  And really, who celebrates National Running Day by RUNNING?  Too obvious.  Try harder, people.


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