A Week in the Life

25 Jun

I saw on the news today (the Today show is totally news, particularly when compared to my other information sources, TMZ and Facebook) that a new poll says 70% of people surveyed hate their job.  Good grief, really??  I have a theory that these people haven’t really thought about whether they hate their job, but it’s more that when they started working, they heard other people complaining, and so they learned to complain, and this is a vicious cycle, and wouldn’t we all feel better if we just SHUT UP AND DID THE WORK OMG.  Just a theory, though.  Based not at all on observations in the workplace.
It seems I’m not the only one with this theory…

The poll I would like to see is about how BAD people are at their jobs.  I am unemployed.  And after many years of 6-7 day and 60 hour work weeks, this unemployment is kinda sweet.  But it would be sweeter if I had any relevant skills.

Let’s examine what is going on this week, shall we?  We’re on the precipice of a vacation, so I have to do all the things that are involved in leaving.  These are: buying groceries (but not too many), cleaning, seeing all the friends before we leave, cleaning, laundry, getting the carpets ready for shampooing on Friday (what??), cleaning, and not letting the baby hang herself.

How am I doing?  Well, the dishes are dirty (again – they were clean yesterday, what is going on around here??), the recycling sculpture is in need of a proper name, and the carpets have stuff all over them.  I took several bags of clothes and upended them into a storage bin, rather than going through them, folding the keepers, and donating the rest.  Later!  I will do that LATER!  Right.

NEW PLAN:  Eat all the food in the house so it doesn’t go bad (YES!); get the junk off the carpet and shove it to another room; wash at least the dirty diapers so that they don’t sit in our hot apartment for a week – I can pack a suitcase full of dirty clothes if I have to, my parents have a washing machine.  Oh, and still keep baby from hanging herself.  I swear that wasn’t an afterthought.

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