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My Brown Ribbon Campaign

8 Nov


Have you ever looked up the list of awareness ribbon colors?  Holy moly.  There’s a BUTTER CREAM ribbon.  It is, I kid you not, for lactose intolerant individuals.   The brown ribbon stands for colorectal cancer awareness, or 8th place. I chose brown for my campaign because my favorite alcohols are brown.  I really like dark, […]

Adventures in Casserole

30 Aug

hot dish

It’s not that I’m a great cook, I just like to eat and buying food that is already cooked is… expensive.  And I’d rather have new shoes than pre-made food. SO. I invent things.  It goes like this: “What should I make?” “Well, I’m pretty lazy, and I’m craving Mexican… sounds like Mexican Casserole night!” […]

A Week in the Life

25 Jun


I saw on the news today (the Today show is totally news, particularly when compared to my other information sources, TMZ and Facebook) that a new poll says 70% of people surveyed hate their job.  Good grief, really??  I have a theory that these people haven’t really thought about whether they hate their job, but […]

Going Backwards

13 Mar


I got caught up in the whole Mad Men thing right along with everyone else.  I haven’t caught up with the last few seasons, but I’m totally going to one of these days.  It’s one of my inspirations for the way I do this whole stuck-at-home thing.  You know, the way things “used to be,” […]

Stupid Lady

1 Mar


Have you guys heard of FlyLady?  I call her StupidLady.  It’s this cleaning/organizing… support group?  I don’t know what else you would call it.  Anyway, Step One to the FlyLady way of life is, I kid you  not, shine your sink.  “It all begins with a shiny sink!”  She probably greets her family in the […]


26 Jun

omg omg omg

I’ve been diagnosed by a Real Doctor as a big fat wimp.  Sissypants.  Merriam Webster says here that a variant of sissypants is sissybritches.  I like that one. The word she threw at me was “vasovagal.”  I googled it.  The Mayo Clinic defines it like this: “Vasovagal syncope (vay-zo-VAY-gul SING-cuh-pee) is the most common cause […]


13 Jun


That’s how my mom’s phone spells “quinoa.”  She’s trying to learn the T9 spelling thing.  It’s cute. Have you had quinoa?  I’m new to it.  It’s kind of amazing.  It’s sort of like brown rice+cous cous, but so much better for you!  One cup of the stuff – cooked – has 8 grams of protein […]

Learning From the Past

22 Jan


I’m cleaning, and it’s the kind of cleaning where I’m finding bookstore receipts from 2007 (I did not live in this house in 2007), jewelry I wore in college, and random wedding cards.  In one of these wedding cards, I found some helpful hints from the 50s.  Assuming that some of you are drawn to […]


30 Oct

dreams DO come true!

          Dreams DO come true!  For those of you who have been keeping up with me this month, I’ve been chipping away at this house since October 6th.  I put a little effort into it almost every day, and took two full days off of work to clean.  Something in my […]

No, No, You Can Keep It…

20 Oct


Handkerchiefs are a weird thing.  I get that they’re green, and that maybe disposable tissues didn’t always exist.  But unless you’re using them to roll up your jewelry for traveling… GROSS.  There’s nothing worse than someone using their hanky and putting it back. in. their. POCKET. So… you can imagine my inner conflict at making […]

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