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Open For Business?

22 Mar

I need a job. So, remember when “e commerce” was getting huge and everyone was out to make their dot com fortune? Well… I don’t like to rush a trend. Case in point: I just recently obtained (thanks to my quick-thinking mother in law) a pair of those mint green skinny pants that were so […]

Going Backwards

13 Mar


I got caught up in the whole Mad Men thing right along with everyone else.  I haven’t caught up with the last few seasons, but I’m totally going to one of these days.  It’s one of my inspirations for the way I do this whole stuck-at-home thing.  You know, the way things “used to be,” […]

Very Recent History: Farming Is No Vacation

22 Jan


“Vacation” means different things to different people at different times in their lives.  To me, right now, it apparently means leaving my own couch and living room and traveling 1200 miles to sit on my mom’s couch in her living room.  (My dad has his own living room for a few months, and no, he’s […]


26 Jun

omg omg omg

I’ve been diagnosed by a Real Doctor as a big fat wimp.  Sissypants.  Merriam Webster says here that a variant of sissypants is sissybritches.  I like that one. The word she threw at me was “vasovagal.”  I googled it.  The Mayo Clinic defines it like this: “Vasovagal syncope (vay-zo-VAY-gul SING-cuh-pee) is the most common cause […]


1 Jun

so pretty

Only I have brown hair.  And nothing is ever quiiiiite right.  And sometimes that’s how I eat my porridge. That avocado pasta I made the other night?  NOT a fan of the shrimp!  I got some good quality “salad shrimp” from one of the high end stores here.  They weren’t the teeny tiny ones I […]

Homemade Money

10 Nov


I have a job (career?) on which I spend many, many hours, both mentally and physically.  I also have “hobbies,” like cooking, cleaning, wiping down the countertops, and doing laundry.  I don’t have “hobbies” like going to concerts, golfing, or being an auto enthusiast.  Basically, outside of my taste in shoes, I’m a pretty cheap […]

No, No, You Can Keep It…

20 Oct


Handkerchiefs are a weird thing.  I get that they’re green, and that maybe disposable tissues didn’t always exist.  But unless you’re using them to roll up your jewelry for traveling… GROSS.  There’s nothing worse than someone using their hanky and putting it back. in. their. POCKET. So… you can imagine my inner conflict at making […]


6 Oct


I’ve got the day off today.  No special occasion, just needed to use the time before I lose it.  Oh, and my house is in desperate need of attention.  I’m going to clean the laundry room.  You think that’s redundant?  Laundry rooms are specifically FOR cleaning, so they should not themselves need to be cleaned?  […]

Big Fat Jerks!

30 Sep


You know those guys that stand on the corner and want to talk to you about the environment when you’re racing back to work after grabbing a 32-ounce depth charge because you’ve got a meeting in 12 seconds and there’s no way you’re going to get through it easily?  Well, they are on my corner.  […]

More is Less

25 Sep

so vintagey

I love vintage stuff.  I love kitchen stuff.  I spent several hours this weekend at antique stores very specifically not buying loads of vintage Pyrex with SUCH happy daisies all over it.  I did not buy any Russel Wright platters.  Or butter dishes.  Or ashtrays – I don’t know what it is, I love them.  […]

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