We’re Like Family

16 Jul

I mustache you a question… [Photo: barnorama.com]

One of the things I always told clients I like about the large company I (sort of technically don’t) work for is that our meetings always feel like a big family reunion.  In a big room, you might not know everyone, but you know someone who brought them there.  “Oh, you’re whose kid?  Oh, John’s kid!  Right!”  Transcribe that to some kind of quasi-worky context and that’s what the first hour of one of our weekend conferences often sounds like.


I’m hanging out with my parents for a few weeks in their new old spot.  They finally moved to my dad’s home town on the coast, and his family’s presence in this area goes way back.  We met up with a cousin of his, who suggested a family get together.  As luck would have it, some other family members are going to be around this weekend, so it seemed like a logical time to put something together.

The catch?

I don’t know half of these people.  I don’t mean I met them when I was little and don’t remember, I mean I’ve never met them.  OBVIOUSLY we’re all Facebook friends…

So I’m planning a picnic!  For a bunch of strangers!  Who are my family!  I’m bringing baked beans!

I will weave bacon. [Photo: dcfancouncil.com]

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