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The French Do It Better

12 Oct


Champagne!  Brie!  French fries!  French wine, particularly pinot noir!  French bread!  French seams on my jeans!  Escargot!  Wait, that’s kind of gross.  If you’ve had it, then you really understand the conflict of how gross it is, and how much butter it’s drowned in.  It’s tough. But the champion of all things Française, the French […]


6 Oct


I’ve got the day off today.  No special occasion, just needed to use the time before I lose it.  Oh, and my house is in desperate need of attention.  I’m going to clean the laundry room.  You think that’s redundant?  Laundry rooms are specifically FOR cleaning, so they should not themselves need to be cleaned?  […]

More is Less

25 Sep

so vintagey

I love vintage stuff.  I love kitchen stuff.  I spent several hours this weekend at antique stores very specifically not buying loads of vintage Pyrex with SUCH happy daisies all over it.  I did not buy any Russel Wright platters.  Or butter dishes.  Or ashtrays – I don’t know what it is, I love them.  […]

Settling In

21 Sep

look out

I’m learning about computers.  Thanks for visiting me at my new spot!  I’ve got almost everything set the way I want it, so now I can get back to updating you all on my faaaascinating life. What’s new, you ask?  Well, a handful of attempts at home improvement.  Stripping some woodwork only to find out […]

So bad… but so good!

13 Sep

good first step

I’m a great wife because I cook for my husband.  I’m not so great because dinner hits the table around 10:30pm.  Points for effort? I know this isn’t when I normally talk about my attempts at frugality, but it coincides so nicely this weekend with my attempts in the kitchen that I really can’t avoid […]

Breakfast is served! And served… and served…

6 Sep

breakfast in bed

Okay, my life is back to normal for a few weeks.  Nobody is traveling anywhere this month, there are no major work functions on days that I’m not supposed to work, and I might actually get more than half a load of laundry done per week.  What does that mean for you?  Well, that I […]

Trailer Trash Supper

16 Aug

Dinner is served! The husband named this post.  I finally made beer can chicken (he says “beer butt” is more fun to say), after having bought the stand/can holder, oh, 8 years ago), and then Saltine Cracker Toffee by The Girl Who Ate Everything, after I had to look at it on the blog of […]

The Gang’s All Here

8 Aug

Another success!  We had a great mix of folks over to our house yesterday for some amazing food and all around good times.  At times like these, it really pays to be friends with so many foodies/pastry chefs. Aside from the opportunity to do something nice for people we love, the best reason to have […]

Kitchen Ninja

12 Jul

Yesterday was Day One of my Week of Good Things.  I’m going to be honest with you – I got a lot done.  First things first, I sat out on the back porch with a cup of coffee and read.  No, wait, that wasn’t even the first thing.  First, I MADE the coffee, then I […]

I don’t mean to brag…

13 Jun

I baked a cake this weekend.  From scratch.  If you spend any time around me, you probably already know this, as I obsessed about it for about 5 days before it even happened.  The victims?  The ladies of book club.  Let me share a little bit about the experience… I own several cute aprons – […]

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